Your Wednesday Reading List   – 8/11

Your Wednesday Reading List – 8/11

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The Dragon’s Tattoo
Roxie Ray  

A love this hot must be forbidden

Anthony was my best friend and the first boy I ever kissed. The first boy I ever loved. I always thought we would be together. Then he left town and I never heard from him again.

Now there’s a new doctor at the hospital in the department where I work, and I can’t believe who it is. It’s Anthony. But he’s not a boy anymore—he’s a man, and he’s…different. Strong, confident, and sexy as hell. His bossing me around drives me crazy, but I can’t deny the heat burning between us.

I’ve never forgiven him for leaving me the way he did, and I don’t know if I can risk losing my heart to him again. When he tells me he thinks we’re meant to be together too, I can’t shake the feeling he’s hiding something from me . . .

Whatever his secret is, he’s much too hot for me to resist. Even when he tells me I am his forbidden mate…

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Red, Lilith Mercury Werewolf Hunter Series, Book One
Tracey Kitts


Looking for your next reverse harem binge? Do you like werewolves, wizards, and Dracula? The Lilith Mercury Werewolf Hunter Series has them all.

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Scottish Werebear
Lorelei Moone 

Clarice has given up on love…
Unfortunately, she still has a romance novel to write.

After dumping her cheating boyfriend, Clarice’s career as a romance novelist is hanging in the balance. Her deadline is looming, and inspiration is thin. A retreat to the secluded Isle of Skye is supposed to be the answer to her woes, and indeed it is.

So is rugged Scot, Derek, whose holiday cottage she has rented. She admires him from afar and allows him to become her muse. But there is something off about him. He hides a secret she could have never guessed at.

Derek’s bear recognizes his mate…

Even if their romance is forbidden.

Derek McMillan is used to keeping to himself. That’s what bear shifters do: they live on the fringes of human society, without ever revealing themselves. Clarice’s arrival brings with it serious challenges. He can’t stop thinking about her. Every fiber in his body tells him she is meant to be his. But she’s human, so their love is doomed from the start.

Can he control his urges, and keep his secrets, until she leaves for home?

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