Your Wednesday Reading List   – 12/15
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Your Wednesday Reading List – 12/15

House Of Vampires
Samantha Snow

“One minute she was flipping burgers, the next minute she was living in a mansion with 4 handsome vampires who all wanted to be the father of her child…”

When her grandmother passed away, 19 year old Lorena Quinn was left a small fortune in her will. Along with a further surprise.

Upon accepting the inheritance, Lorena learned that she was central to a prophecy. A prophecy that forecast the end of the world and Lorena was the only one who could save it.

For this to happen, Lorena would have to have a child with one of the four sons of Vlad. Commonly known as vampires.

Now she has to choose which of the four eligible vampire bachelors will be the father of her child.

However, before she makes her choice, she must first live with them.

All of them, at the same time…

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My Viking Vampire
Krystal Shannan

I’ll fight to the end or die trying…
I’ve got nowhere to run—except into the arms of a sexy stranger who says he can protect me.
But this guy comes with a bit more than I bargained for—fangs.

I’m at the end of my rope. No home. No money. And I’m being hunted. When a hunky blond giant offers me Sanctuary in a town literally named Sanctuary, I have to hope that Fate is finally stepping in on my behalf.
The only thing I have left to lose is my life and Erik might be worth the gamble.
I’ve been sent on a mission—find the next chosen one who can help protect the town of Sanctuary from a world-ending prophesy and supernatural psychopath bent on killing them all.
When that soul ends up being a little waif of a woman who’s barely hanging on to life, I have serious doubts about whether or not she’s really cut out to help save the supernatural world. Regardless, I want her more than I’ve ever wanted any female in all of history and I won’t let anything stop me from claiming her as my mate.
Let Sanctuary, Texas take you on a heart-pounding-toe-curling ride into a town of fantastical creatures and a war for world domination you won’t soon forget.

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Cara Bristol


She’s given up on love, but this alien hasn’t given up on her…

If there’s anything Holly Hansen has learned, it’s that falling for a persuasive charmer is a sure path to a broken heart. It happened when her fiancé abandoned her just when she needed him most. Everything about the smoking-hot alien, Braxx, reminds her of her ex: his good looks, his confidence, his persistence. He won’t take no for an answer and shows up night after night at the restaurant where she works. It’s enough to wear a girl down, make her doubt her convictions, maybe hope that love can conquer the heartbreak of the past…

Dakonian Braxx is a simple man with simple needs: find a good woman and have a big family. With females in short supply on his planet, he heads for Earth through the Intergalactic Dating Agency. The instant he meets Holly Hansen, his horns begin to throb, and he realizes she’s the ONE. His Fated mate. He can’t wait to settle down with her and make beautiful babies together. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to recognize they’re meant to be together. But he didn’t come this far to give up easily, and he hopes that with patience and baby steps, he’ll win her heart.

Just when it seems he’ll succeed, Holly’s past comes back to haunt them. Can a heartbreak be too deep for love to fix?

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