Your Wednesday Reading List – 11/17

Your Wednesday Reading List – 11/17

Way of the Wolf: Liberty
Rebecca Anne Stewart

Caught leaving my pack to travel the world would ease the restlessness that has plagued me for as long as I can remember. I believed that a few months living as my wolf would tame my feral side, and then I’d return home to take my place in the pack with my family. I couldn’t have been more wrong….

After a bear attack that proves just how little I know about living in the wild, the male who saves me might be able to show me the world I’ve been searching for all my life. His wolf calls to mine, and neither of us are capable of denying what our nature craves, but Hunter has secrets and a past that haunts his every step. Secrets that leave me in no doubt that he would rather be left alone in the wilderness.

Yet for some reason, he decides to keep me at arm’s length, and takes me to a pack like no other. They don’t take kindly to strangers, and they can sniff out weakness a mile away. I’ll have to prove myself worthy if I want to stay amongst them, with tooth and claw. But what if Hunter’s past drowns us both before I get the chance…


Knight’s Redemption
Sherilee Gray 

With one fatal mistake, immortal demon hunter Lazarus started a chain reaction that set him and his five brothers on a collision course straight to Hell. 

There’s only one way to save them all—claim his mate, a sweet beauty he doesn’t deserve and will only end up hurting. But immortals fall hard, and walking away from her when it’s over is going to be near-impossible. 

When bookstore owner Eve Taylor starts hearing the thoughts of others, she is certain she’s losing her mind. Until the day a wickedly seductive and dangerous warrior appears and introduces her to a terrifying new world—one she has been part of her whole life and never knew. 

Now, with a traitor consumed by darkness and driven by revenge hunting them, they have one chance at survival. But they must give into the scorching desire that, if they let it, could destroy them both.

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Fated Mate
Jessica Aspen 

I’ve been abandoned. Left on the side of a mountain road with a Rocky Mountain storm on the way and the only person I can turn to is a stranger—
but Aaron has his own secrets…

When Gwynn’s dad abandons her the only person she can turn to is a stranger. But how is she to know her knight in shining armor is actually working for the bad guys?

Aaron’s been forced to work for a criminal for too long, he’s just counting the days to freedom. When the opportunity rises he’s ready to jump. The only problem is—in order to get what he wants he has to betray a stranger. Too bad she’s his fated mate…

Now, Aaron has to save Gwynn, keep the pack lands the boss has promised him, and convince the only woman he’ll ever truly love that fairy tales are real—and so are wolf shifters…

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