Your Tuesday Reading List   – 5/25
Mysterious medieval castle in a full moon night

Your Tuesday Reading List – 5/25

Hard Luck Hellhound
Zoe Chant
When you’re a hellhound, there’s no such thing as good luck—not even your true mate showing up on your doorstep.

All Russ wants is to keep his inner hellhound quiet. The last time it took over his life, it left everything in a shambles. He can’t let that happen again. He just has to stick with his new routine: Run his bar and look after his regulars. (And break up mice having barroom brawls. Shifter towns can get… complicated.)

Then Anita Sanchez’s car breaks down right outside his door. She’s sweet, sunny, and his true mate—and he needs to keep his hands off her.

Anita’s determined positivity covers an awful secret; thanks to an ancient family curse, whenever anyone touches her, it burns like hellfire.

But when Russ touches her, it feels like heaven…

She’s spent years trying to avoid getting hurt. Now she’s determined to get a life. She wants to start it here—and she can’t imagine it without him. Because as much as she already loves this mysterious small town, she can’t help loving him even more.

No matter what Russ thinks, Anita knows he’s not a monster. He’s the best man she’s ever met, and she’s going to prove it to him.

Hard Luck Hellhound is a short, sweet shifter romance with plenty of warmth and humor. If you like quirky small towns, cowboy boots, and true love that conquers all, one-click on Hard Luck Hellhound today!

Seduced by the Wolf
Alex Lux
Rose Wintersong will kill her first love. That is the dark prophecy that has guided her path for years. So she stays hidden with her coven of witches, concealing herself and her powers from the world.

Derek O’Conner was born into wealth and power as a Wolf Shifter whose family protects the wellspring of magic that has made them who they are. But without a mate, he runs from the responsibility of leading his pack.

Neither of them realizes they are from opposing families at war. Neither of them realizes what will happen when they meet.

Forbidden passions. Deadly secrets. A love that could destroy it all.

Hot. Sexy. Unique. You’ve never read a romance like this before.

Caged Magic
Sadie Jacks
Healing others is killing her.

Kiema Feuer needs to disappear. Trapped by her parents so they can use her healing magic for their own purposes, Kiema is more prisoner than daughter. But when the cost of escape could mean her life, she’s willing to risk everything to gain her freedom.

Her one chance at freedom pits her against the sexy as sin Ransom Kolefni, a man with plans—and magic—of his own. With her window of escape quickly closing, she’s caught between following her heart or a slim chance of survival.

Will Kiema be able to trust the man who’s brought her to life? Or will she long for the days of imprisonment?

Don’t miss Caged Magic, the first of the Iron Serpent Series by Sadie Jacks. If you like sassy, sarcastic females, alpha males with heart, and alternate worlds filled with magic, then this Paranormal Romance will have you turning the pages! Come check it out!

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