Your Tuesday Reading List  – 12/14
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Your Tuesday Reading List – 12/14

Rune of Secrets: Enchanted Shadows, book 1
Kelly N. Jane


Betrothed to a sworn enemy.

Princess Rowena’s uncle murdered her parents and burned her village. Now she’s being dragged across the sea and forced into captivity.

One hope for survival comes from a mysterious sword—an ancient weapon that rouses powerful capabilities hidden within her. But it comes with a price: a curse that leaves her vulnerable.

To avoid a forced marriage, she must unravel a web of secrets to unlock her curse, or her captor will have access to power that could destroy the entire realm. Unfortunately, she requires help. Her only potential ally is a mysterious, shadowy stranger who brings a danger of his own…

Throne of Glass meets Maleficent in this heart-pounding, slow-burn romantic fantasy adventure, that blends fae magic with warrior shieldmaidens in a realm filled with epic fantasy and ancient myth.

Preorder your copy today to see if Rowena will risk her freedom to save her kingdom…or risk her destiny to destroy her enemies.

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MIND NIGHT BLUE 1st Night with a Bampire
LB Harpdog

*****  WARNING  18+ Adult content with strong language *****

If you think this is just another story about a girl that falls in love with a vampire, far from it. Everything you know about Vampire is wrong. For starters what is a Bampire? They are creatures that survive from sex. But not just any sex, the purest kind. Every hour and everywhere, there is a lot of steamy hot desires being satisfied at every turn. Are you curious enough to enter MIND NIGHT BLUE Now? 

LB is the most powerful Bampire to ever walk the earth. He fell in love and accidentally killed her. Now he roams the earth until he finds this young woman again. Will this be his second chance at life, or something completely different? But at this same time, his past comes back to haunt him. This young woman gets caught between a love triangle that uses her to get back at LB. There are 3 days of sexy, seductive, and erotic world. Can you (the reader) handle all of these delicious scenes? Will you be able to figure out what is going to happen, while your desires are on an all time high? 

Let’s get started shall we.

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All About the Bear
Bianca D’Arc 

New town, new people, new…shapeshifters?

In the small, sleepy town of Grizzly Cove, Washington, all is not as it seems. Nell abruptly discovers that she and her sisters are the only humans in a town full of shifters – most of them bears! Knowing nothing about the paranormal creatures all around her, but wanting to know everything about the sexy sheriff who comes to her rescue, Nell has to find her backbone and brace herself to learn All About the Bear.

Can he keep the shifter secret…and the girl, too?

The sheriff of Grizzly Cove has more than the peace to protect. It’ll be up to Sheriff Brody to keep Nell calm and cooperative—and in his bed—for the next fifty years, or so. Yeah, that might be enough. Then again, maybe he’ll keep her forever.
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