Your Tuesday Reading List   – 10/26

Your Tuesday Reading List – 10/26

Ember’s Secret
Catherine Peace


Ember Ngata only wants two things out of life: to be reunited with her sisters, and to see people return to her café. Catering to people she never sees again, she experiences a loneliness that can’t be filled. As one of the last Whakamanu—a descendant of the Maori bird-god Tane—she holds on to the secrets of her decimated tribe. Family first.

TV personality and host of the popular show Back Road Eats, Austin Garten needs more in his life than Breadbasket America grilling. He’s tired of the safe routes and the easy and dependable foods his network loves to display. When his RV breaks down in Wyoming, and he learns about Kai, a Maori restaurant outside of Casper, his interest is piqued. Once Austin meets the proprietor, he wants more than just her food. He wants her.

The Solstice, the Maori New Year, is fast approaching, and with the heat in her kitchen ratcheting up, Ember realizes she can’t keep her secret for much longer. But will Austin be able to accept her? Or will her secret drive them apart?

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First Magic
Raven Steel

Keep your head down. Don’t cause a scene. And never make friends.

These are the rules I have to live by to survive. After Vykens, mutated and soulless vampires killed my parents, I know they will come for me next.

As an Aura, I can manipulate the light within me, the same ancient light Vykens feed on. It’s supposed to be a sacred power, one used only for good and to help others.

But if I want to survive, I’ll have to defy the Auran Council and learn to use my rare ability as a weapon.

Now I’m caught in something even bigger than I can understand, with a power I can’t wield, and no one I can trust, except, just maybe, a mysterious stranger who’s captured my heart, making him the biggest danger of all.

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Rise of the Fallen
Donya Lynne 

Micah is a vampire with a bad reputation who has nothing left to live for. Samantha is an ex-Army medic in hiding from her abusive ex. When Sam becomes Micah’s reason to live, he’ll risk everything to protect her.

A USA Today Recommended Read.

Ex-Army medic Samantha is on the run from her abusive and controlling ex-husband. To stay off the grid, she lives in a rundown studio apartment and works for cash under-the-table as a dancer in a swanky gentleman’s club, but she can’t shake the fear that at any moment her ex will find her and drag her back to a life of terror.
Ancient vampire Micah Black has seen enough tragedy and loss for a hundred lifetimes. With nothing left to live for, but unable to give himself the kind of death he wants, he enlists the help of an immortal foe who’s only too happy to see Micah dead.
When Sam inadvertently thwarts the attempt on Micah’s life, the unlikely pair become ensnared by an attraction neither can deny. In Sam, Micah finds a reason to live—and love—again, but now that she’s put a target on her back, he’ll have to pull out all the stops to protect her. With her obsessive ex closing in and a ruthless enemy who will stop at nothing to finish what he started, are the odds stacked too heavily against Micah? Or will finding something worth fighting for give him the edge he needs to keep Sam alive?

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