Your Tuesday Reading List – 03/29/2022

Crossroads of Bones
Luanne Bennett

Got a burglar problem? Call the police. Got a ruthless god problem? Call in the dragon.

MagicInk isn’t your average tattoo shop—it’s a mecca for the weird and unusual.

Katie Bishop keeps her head low and goes about her business like any other mundane citizen of Savannah. But the dragon tattoo on her back since birth isn’t ink at all—it’s her reality.

She owns a tattoo shop at the edge of town, but the people who work at MagicInk are more than just employees—they’re family. So, when she makes a grave mistake and accidentally frees a rogue god imprisoned in an old grimoire, she’ll do whatever it takes to rectify that problem before the city falls. Even if the ultimate price is her death.

As if running a business and hunting a ruthless god isn’t enough of a challenge, Jackson Hunter rides into town and blows everything to hell. But just like her, he isn’t what he seems. Will he help or hinder the hunt?

The Katie Bishop series is full of action, but it’s also about finding your tribe. If you like found families and a good dose of humor, this one’s for you.

For fans of Mercy Thompson mixed with a little Sookie Stackhouse.

Alpha’s Fire
Renee Rose & Lee Savino

I’ve waited 1000 years for my mate. If she rejects me, I’ll burn down the world.
She woke the dragon.

Every maiden dreams of being rescued by a handsome prince from a deadly dragon. But I am the prince and the dragon.

Ancient courtship rituals demand I steal my bride away. Imprison her in my high tower. Show her my treasures, my vast lands and armies.

I’ve done all that, and she still refuses me. She says she can’t see herself with a man who still thinks Istanbul is Constantinople.

I must woo her, and I don’t know how. But beneath my beating human heart, a dragon sleeps. And when he wakes, no one can stop him from destroying the world.

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Silver Dust
G.K. Lund

What would make you betray your family of deadly assassins?

A lethal abomination is roaming the streets of Agartha—a forbidden werewolf and vampire hybrid.

Nadia Navarra, half-werewolf and a young member of the Queen’s Wraiths, knows this monster all too well. Lying low, she has tried to sever every connection to this beast.

When the creature reappears, crazed and tormented from his transformation into a monster, Nadia’s loyalties to the Wraiths are tested. Especially when someone closer to her than either her connection to the past or the Wraiths needs her help.

Facing an impossible choice, Nadia is desperate to do the right thing for those who need her the most. But that means embarking on a life where she must continually balance lies…

Silver Dust is a dark urban fantasy novelette of 20K words. It is also a starting point to the Queen’s Wraith series, but can be read as a standalone story.

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