Your Tuesday Reading List – 03/22/2022

Jennifer Julie Miller


The question is, do I allow this dark moment in time to rob me of the life I could possibly have here? I have never known such horror or fear. If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I would have never believed any other living thing could possibly do this to another. The scars may be gone on the outside now, but they will remain forever in my soul. They tell me I can never go back, all that I have ever known is gone. Where does this leave me in the world of monsters? He beckons me, promising me…the fairytale… the impossible dream. Everything I have ever wanted to hear! But I don’t know if I’m strong enough to go forward as long as the shadows of our past pull me backwards.


I knew she was withholding the truth from me. I had no idea who I held in my arms, until it was almost too late. The moment her true essence was revealed to me, my body reacted, reaching out for the one thing I had been searching for my whole life… my Inamorata. The very mistress of my heart and now that I have finally found her. I will follow her through the sands of time… no matter how long it takes. I will find my way back to her… because she is MINE!

Dance of the Devil’s Trill
Tierney James

He’s waited for her for nearly three centuries, but now that she’s here, he must convince her to sacrifice everything.

In 1740, the Archangel Rocco fought for soul of the composer Tartini and beat the devil, only to discover that Tartini kept the music the devil had offered in return for his soul. God showed his displeasure by punishing Rocco. He would be forced to live alone, saving the masses from persecution, until that day when a woman with the truest kind of love would accept him both as a heavenly being and as a man. Only if she is willing to sacrifice everything to save him can he walk as a man upon the Earth.

>>>She has her hands full trying to save her brother and doesn’t need an avenging angel mucking up the work.

In the twenty-first century, taking care of a brother who is homeless and suffering from PTSD after serving in the Marines is no easy task. Catharina Spokane is also trying to start a coffee shop in a luxury hotel and playing her violin for the homeless at a soup kitchen. Then a stranger arrives to heal and protect her brother. When she discovers he is The Watcher, said to be a protector of the unfortunate souls on the street, Catharina finds herself drawn into a conspiracy of greed and a dangerous love, forbidden by God.

>>>Does she have what it takes to save him—and herself—or will her indecision and lack of trust doom them both?

Witching on a Star
Erin Bedford

A witch reverse harem that will light you on fire!

All her life Max knew she was destined for more, but when she graduated high school, she never expected to find out she was a witch.

Now Max isn’t headed to the ivy league college of her dreams but to the Witch’s Academy, where the spells are real and the classes just might kill you.

If Max hopes to survive her new destiny she’ll have to put up with mean girl cliques, way too sexy for their own good bad boys, and a popularity contest she didn’t expect to win.

Turns out, wishing comes with consequences and all magic has a price, especially at Witch Academy, but Max may find she’s more prepared than she thought to handle it all.

This is a slow burn witch reverse harem and book one of a continuing series. If you like kick butt females, mean girls who need to learn their place, and sexy wizards who just don’t quit, then this is the book for you!

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