Your Thursday Reading List   – 11/4

Your Thursday Reading List – 11/4

Dreams of the Dead (Hellbound Book 1)
Saralin Cook


I know what you’re thinking. But forget what you know about the Morningstar. This isn’t a cute adaptation, this is my eternity, and being the half-demon daughter of a god isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. From privileged princess to weaponized demon hunter… it’s time to prove I can fight my way home.

A princess of the Fire Realm isn’t supposed to fall in love. I was promised to a son of the Cloud Realm to end a millenia’s old war between the two. But fate had other plans for me. Now I’m being punished for my rebellion, and my banishment means an eternity on Terran cleaning up demonic messes until I hit my quota.

One thousand demonic souls banished back to the Fire Realm. That’s the deal.

I’m almost there. I’m almost halfway home, and not a moment too soon. Three hundred years on Terran is starting to mess with my head.

But hey, we all have our demons.

I always get into trouble in Los Angeles, but there has to be a reason that I’m here. The only problem is, I can’t decide whether it’s the visions that have pulled me here… or something else. Kids go missing in this city all the time, but Alice is different, and I have to find out why.

The only reason I know this is different? Because there’s a man on my doorstep with an LAPD badge asking for my help, and when Adam comes knocking, I can’t say no. My immortal soulmate knows I will do anything for him, but that’s how it as after centuries of being in love.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, they say. And I can smell brimstone from a mile away. Los Angeles is rank with it, except there’s only one demon I’m looking for, and I need to send it packing before it does some real damage. But first, I’m going to need more coffee.

From author Saralin Cook, Dreams of the Dead is Book 1 in the ongoing Hellbound saga. Welcome to a world of magic, adventure, immortal love, mouthy (but loyal) cat sidekicks, and a kick-ass heroine saving the human world… one demon at a time.

Reader Be Warned: this book contains adult situations and language, and a healthy helping of graphic violence.

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Simone Leigh Martin

If you like sexy, dark paranormal romances, where strong girls are tested and bad boys lose their hearts, this is for you.

Packless, clawless and clueless.

When I’m sent away to an academy for shifter wolves, I discover I’m the lowest of the low, a dud wolf who can’t shift and has no pack to call her own. But there’s enough of a wolf inside me, the packs who run the school won’t let me leave.

And the three pack heirs, all powerful, arrogant alphas, keep finding reasons to remind me of my place. On my knees. Or under their claw. So why does Jasper Arras look at me like his wolf has claimed me for himself?

I fail their tests, and make enemies in high places, but there’s more to me than the girl with a broken wolf. And when I get a chance to run, to finally have a place where I belong, I’m going to take it. And a bunch of alphadouches better stay out of my way…

Packless is a full-length paranormal romance, and is the first book in the Hunter Moon Academy series. It ends on a cliffhanger and is recommended for 18+ due to language and sexual situations.

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Fate Bound
Madeline Freeman 

One girl will change the supernatural world forever.

When she’s fatally stabbed during a botched robbery, Ava’s life changes. She wakes to miraculously healed wounds, heightened senses, and a startling truth: She’s a werewolf.

But things are not as they seem. Soon, Ava’s strength wanes and the only thing that can revive her is the one thing she shouldn’t need: human blood. She is a hybrid, an abomination that shouldn’t exist.

When the supernatural community learns what Ava is, her alpha Jack will do anything he can to keep her safe. But is one life worth risking the human world Jack is sworn to protect?

If you like sexy shifters, vicious vampires, and fast-paced action, you’ll love Fate Bound.

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