Your Thursday Reading List – 1/6/2022
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Your Thursday Reading List – 1/6/2022

Impressing His Mate
Rayna Tyler

Growing up in a secluded area of Alaska has its perks, but the ability to find a mate isn’t one of them. Bear shifter Jake is convinced a dude ranch in Wyoming that caters to shapeshifters is the perfect place to start looking. Though his plan to find his match is a success, things don’t go as he’d expected. Instead of welcoming him into her arms and her heart, Fred, the most beautiful fox he’s ever seen, does everything possible to avoid him.

Circumstances in Fred’s life forced her into a life of hiding. When she takes a job cooking at the Crescent Canyon Ranch, she never expected the three sisters who owned the place to welcome her into their family and encourage her to stay.

Discovering that one of the guests is Fred’s true mate complicates things even more. No matter how badly she is drawn to the annoying, persistent, and ruggedly handsome male, she knows keeping Jake at a distance is for the best.

When a danger from Fred’s past threatens to ruin everything she cares about, she discovers that Jake will do whatever it takes to prove he’s the mate she needs and to keep her safe.

JC Andrijeski

“Do you have a name?” she queried politely.
“Caliginous,” he told her. “You may call me Cal. Or Calin.”
Her lips pursed. “Cal. Calin. Caliginous. As in dark, misty,” she mused. “…also opaque. Difficult to understand.”
“Indeed.” The creature smiled.

Alexis is hard-wired to fight, to protect, to hunt anything that might pose a threat for her world. Gods, monsters, demons, vampires, inter-dimensional bad guys – Alexis deals with them all.

And yeah, okay, it makes her a bit of an oddball.

Being the rich owner of a chain of sex clubs doesn’t help as much as you might think. Her best friends, a werewolf and a half-fae, think she needs to have more fun, maybe even date a little… but Alexis can’t be bothered. She’s looking for someone who can match her, and when you can throw full-grown alpha werewolf across the room by yourself, that’s not as easy as it sounds.

Then Caliginous appears. One of the mysterious race of beings known as “Travelers,” he proves more challenging than most. Alexis might have finally met her match, in more ways than one.

Unfortunately, he’s come to tell her it might be the end of the world.

Someone is murdering Lightbringers.

The portals are all opening. Dark forces overwhelm the gates.

The Traveler, Cal, claims he’s there to help her. Travelers historically helped and spied for the Lightbringers before, sliding in and out of dimensions, helping to patrol the portals, infiltrating, observing, nudging, reporting back what they found.

But Cal isn’t an ordinary Traveler.

And he might have an agenda of his own.

Hunting Season
Kate Rudolph

This werewolf will protect his mate.

Owen has one job: keep Stasia from being abducted. Easier said than done when his fiercely independent client tries to fire him the moment they meet. His werewolf senses howl to life and he’s certain of one thing: Stasia is his.

She’s sick of cocky men.

When her wealthy father hires a bodyguard, Stasia says no. Not exactly a smart move after someone tried to nab her off the street. But she doesn’t need a babysitter. Especially not a cheerfully overbearing bodyguard who makes her heart pound and her fantasies run wild.

When Stasia is yanked out of her glittering world and into Owen’s she’ll need to grapple with an impossible new reality that includes werewolves, silver bullets, and fated mates.

Is she ready to embrace her new world? Or will she run back to a universe of glittering high rises and leave her destiny behind?

Step into the world of Guarded by the Shifter where a team of ex-military bodyguards are also werewolves and fated mates are just one job away.

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