Your Thursday Reading List – 03/17/2022

Goldie and Her Bears
Lisa Cullen

With my sister on an adventure of her own, I decided to leave my Seattle home to find my family’s cabin.
I got lost, frozen from the rain, and stumbled into the first shelter I could find… but I wasn’t alone.

Three fiercely hot men with a life-altering secret lived here. And all of them wanted a piece of me.

Tensions among the men rise when I’m forced to stay with them while my leg heals after being caught in a bear trap. The pressure becomes too much for the tiny cabin, and the house’s number one rule is broken.

That life-altering secret wasn’t so much of a secret anymore, and my whole world has been flipped upside down.
When my leg heals, I’ll be gone.

The only problem is… with the way the men ravish me, do I really want to leave?

Goldie and Her Bears is book three of the Dirty Paranormal Fairytale Haremland Series that features three hot shifter men, one BBW, and lots of lip-biting, toe curling action that will have you on the edge of your seat, begging for more.

Ruthless Demon King
Nikki St. Crowe

The Demon King has started a new monarchy in the United States.

It used to be that the president was the most powerful person in the country. That all changed when Wrath crossed over to our world. Nothing could stop him. Nothing can kill him. Eventually we all bowed at his altar.

Now there are websites dedicated to worshipping him. Countless internet memes about how ridiculously gorgeous he is. And yeah, I can admit he’s fine as hell. But he’s a villain to end all villains. There’s no way I’m falling prey to that.

That is until I accidentally cross paths with the Demon King. Wrath demands I bow to him. For a second, I almost do. Being around him is…consuming. But dying is better than surrendering and I refuse.

Except when Wrath turns his dark, dangerous power on me…it doesn’t work. And now the villain is looking at me like I’m the enemy.

I manage to get away, but word quickly spreads — Rain Low, a nobody from a tourist town is somehow immune to the Demon King.

Now Wrath is hellbent on destroying me and those who want to destroy him are hellbent on using me.

But I’m no heroine. And I’m certainly no villain. But if I’m going to survive, I have to play the game. If the Demon King wants a fight, he’s going to get one.

Note: Ruthless Demon King is the first book in a villain enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance trilogy. You can expect lots of tension, action, twists and hate kissing, and a villain you love to love. Ruthless Demon King is a full length novel and ends on a cliffhanger but the trilogy is now complete. Please check the author’s website for CWs/TWs.

The Dragon’s Reluctant Sacrifice
Ines Johnson

Diagnosed with an incurable disease, she thought her life was over. When she is sacrificed to a dragon, she learns it has only just begun…

The day Chrysanthemum Jones goes to exact revenge on the man responsible for her sister’s death is the day she knows will be her last. Instead, she finds herself stolen away to another dimension and sacrificed to a real live dragon. Rather than a cave full of gold, this dragon’s lair is a throwback to the 1980’s complete with pixelated video games, unwound VHS tapes, and animal print spandex. And the mythical creature in question is totally more sex on a stick than Smaug. Schweet!

As one of the last dragon shifters beyond the Veil, Corun is desperate to control the beast inside of him. The only thing guaranteed to keep the dragon under control is the surrender of a human female. But sacrificial offerings have been in short supply since his realm was cut off from Earth -something or other about women’s liberation? So when a sacrifice turns up on his doorstep, Corun should be elated. But as totally tubular as Chryssie’s curves are, her health is fragile and he fears she wouldn’t survive the claiming that would soothe his beast.

Death has never bothered Chryssie. With an incurable, hereditary disease, she’s been prepared to die her whole life. Now she has a chance to lose her V card and birth dragon babies before she goes? Talk about bad ass exits. Count her in! She just needs to get her sexy dragon shifter on board and in bed.

As Corun becomes more attached to his sassy little human, his beast roars that Chryssie is his and pushes to claim her. If he doesn’t claim her and soothe the beast inside of him, he will become stuck in dragon form for the rest of his life. However, if he does claim her, the birth of his offspring could be the last day of her life.

If you love alpha male shifters, fated mates, and steamy romance with a touch of 80’s nostalgia, then you don’t want to miss The Last Dragons series!

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