Your Monday Reading List – 03/21/2022

Blood Tribe
Iris Kain

When Vivian Black awakens in a coffin fifty years away from her earliest memories, that is only the beginning of the horror awaiting her. Soon she discovers she is a vampire wanted by a deadly, international cult of the undead‒the Shévet ha Dam, or Blood Tribe. Her pursuer? Joseph Cartephilus, former doorkeeper to Pontius Pilate and the father of the vampire race. With a new, handsome friend Michael, a young vampire who has vowed to protect her, Vivian flees for her life. But nowhere is far enough for them to escape her past and the Shévet ha Dam.

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The Vampire Prince
Juliette N. Banks

Can the reluctant heir protect the throne and win his mate’s heart before it’s too late?

Powerful billionaire and vampire prince Brayden Moretti doesn’t want to be king. Besieged by hostile rebel vampires threatening to take the throne and distraught over his deathly ill brother, Brayden uncharacteristically wants nothing to do with any females.

When he meets Willow, a gorgeous, sassy human, Brayden decides he’s found a vixen to distract him. But a moment of pleasure turns more serious when he realizes Willow is his mate, and what that means to the survival of his very soul.

Done with relationships, Willow is focused on her career when her path crosses Brayden’s. Sparks, too intense to ignore, ignite and they spend a steamy week together. When she discovers who and what he is, she has a big decision to make that could end her life as she knows it.

Will she choose her humanity, destroying his soul, and put everyone in danger? Or will their electrifying passion and deep love keep the fated mates together?

The Vampire Prince is the second installment in the Moretti Blood Brothers series of paranormal vampire romances. Part romance, part action-adventure, it will appeal to anyone who loves fated-mates, military romance, and dominant alphas.

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Broken and Savage Dragon Shifter
Alicia Banks

A damaged soldier dragon shifter, whose anger put him in jail, and a refreshing, beautiful healer, who vowed to remain single to enhance her craft, must work together to solve a mystery in their kingdom.

Rain, a young silver-haired healer from the fire kingdom, is wrenched from her bed in the middle of the night.
She finds an astonishingly handsome patient in Oak, a fire dragon shifter and renowned battle hero whose prone, stripped body she can’t seem to look away from…
But Rain believes Oak still loves his dead wife, and besides, he has a strange attitude toward her. She tries to stay professional, but when she senses the intensity of his feelings, she can’t help but wonder at the nature of them…is it grief she detects, lust, or love?

After Rain saves him from certain death, Oak has a strong urge to repay her.
He vows to protect Rain from all kinds of dangers, including the flirtatious king Topaz.
But after one particularly dark, cold, and treacherous evening that leaves Rain tousled and in great need of care, Oak must accept his urge to protect as mixed with a different kind of hunger…
Surrounded by a snow storm, they are shut up in a castle, and Rain is removing her dress to, reluctantly, let Oak heal her wounds…despite the cold, they begin a steamy romance…but will the relationship survive their immense power and responsibilities?


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