Your Friday Reading List   – 9/17
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Your Friday Reading List – 9/17

Born of Chaos (Eternal Chaos Trilogy Book 1)
Rebecca Hamilton


There’s an angel-killer on the loose, and Stella’s at the top of the hit list.

When the Department of Metaphysical and Naturalistic Detection (D.M.N.D.) sends Stella to solve a murder case, the last thing she expects is the victim to be an angel…let alone one branded with her mark.

Then again, seeing as she’s Lucifer, Heaven’s first fallen angel, is it really so surprising?

It seems someone is heaven-bent on invading earth to rid away evil, starting with Stella and her people. And if she doesn’t find the person responsible soon, her friends will be the first to die in this supernatural cleansing.

As it turns out, the fallen aren’t the bad guys after all. But can Stella save them without revealing the prophecy she doesn’t want anyone to know about?

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Dracula Unleashed
Linda Mercury


After centuries as the Dracula of legend, disguised as a male, Valerie Tate’s current incarnation is the last thing she expected: mother of a precocious half-angel, half-vampire, and wife to two men. But Valerie is more familiar with battlefields than domesticity. . .

Some overwhelmed mothers relax with a glass of wine. Valerie soothes her immortal soul with a refreshing blood and coke. How else can she deal with her toddler Minerva’s psychic powers–not to mention her determination to throw knives. Thank goodness for Valerie’s two loves, John Jante and Lance Soleil. Without them, the trauma of her dark past and her primal, urges for violence and power would overtake her. Yet in a world where humans and paranormals uncomfortably co-exist, Valerie’s peace will be short-lived. . .

Someone is killing the world’s best paranormal diplomats. And Valerie’s vampire brother and nemesis, Radu, is at the center of the conflict. Now Valerie finds herself as vulnerable and as weak as she had been as a human….

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Crown of Death
Keary Taylor

Where do you draw the line between immortal love and obsession?

Years of bad luck have made Logan Pierce a little bitter, but it all goes from bad to worse the night she witnesses two immortal beings rip a man’s head off with their bare hands.

Her life is wrecked overnight by a single man—Cyrus, who seems to think she’s someone important in his bloody world. But they won’t know the truth until she’s dead, and he’s very anxious to help her get there.

But Logan isn’t going down without a fight. She makes him a deal. She will die, but first he must spend a month getting to know her, a month to change his mind. What she doesn’t expect is a month filled with displays of incredible wealth, spontaneous trips across the country, and unbelievable acts of immortal power. And as Logan spends her last days with Cyrus, she stops seeing the monster and begins to see a lonely, broken man she can’t walk away from. If she isn’t careful, it won’t just be her life she loses at the end of the month, but her heart as well…

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