Your Friday Reading List – 7/30

Your Friday Reading List – 7/30

Montrose Paranormal Academy, Book 5.5:
The Secondborn Seer

Barbara Hartzler  
It’s time for the Secondborn Seer to emerge…

I never wanted to be the Seer like my sister. I’m just trying to convince my parents not to send me back to that awful boarding school in Switzerland.

But all of a sudden, I’m having strange dreams and visions…

Could they be premonitions?

When we go to New York City to hunt for clues, a visit to Montrose Paranormal Academy may be in order.

Will I ever figure out what’s happening to me?

Find out in this fun little novella that is part epilogue to the best-selling Montrose Paranormal Academy series, and part prequel to Paige’s new series coming this November.

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The Lost Queen (Our Fae Queen RH Book 1)
Traci Lovelot

“I’m just a misfit college student with pointed ears. Until three seductive Fae warriors kidnap me and tell me I’m so much more.” The Lost Queen is book 1 of 6 in Glori’s journey from a shy college student to a Fae queen unlike any before. Steamy MFM, FMM, and MMFMMM group scenes appear in later books of this slow-burn new adult RH series.

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Wolf Hollow
Nikki Jefford  

Breed or die off.

The future of Wolf Hollow is in the hands of their single shifters to claim mates and rebuild their pack after a devastating attack leaves them vulnerable.

Sasha is the only surviving female pureblooded wolf in her pack and feels the pressure to claim the pack’s only pureblooded male . . . until he runs off rather than claim her. The elders have chosen a new male for her with no concern for her feelings on the matter. None of her packmates appear to care who mates her, except for one.

An attraction that threatens the future of the pack…

Tabor, a hotheaded half-breed, is the hollow’s only wizard shifter. Constantly overlooked despite his strengths, Tabor believes Sasha is as shortsighted as the rest of the pack until she proves there’s more to her than a blindly obedient lapdog.

Unable to resist the proud and sensual pureblood, Tabor would risk everything to claim her.

Despite her vanishing bloodline, Sasha can’t resist the charismatic half-breed, even as the elders set her up to breed with another pureblood.

Predators are closing in, threatening to eliminate their pack permanently, and there are shifters within Wolf Hollow willing to do anything to prevent the pair from claiming one another.

It’s a savage, Mad Max kind of world where only the strongest survive. Meet the Wolf Hollow Shifters in Nikki Jefford’s dark and addictive dystopian romance series for adult readers.

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