Your Friday Reading List   – 12/10
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Your Friday Reading List – 12/10

Star Kissed
Gaja J. Kos


Who would have thought that a run in with a handsome witch would slay not just my hormones, but my entire damn reality?

Good decisions are never made under the light of the moon. I should have turned in the other direction when I collided with Mr. Sin-On-Legs Aquarius on a dark street. Roland is magic through and through, and I never felt the kind of instant pull toward anyone as I did with him. Warning enough, right?

My wits, apparently, decided not to grace me with their presence that night.

Instead of hurrying off to the party I was already running late to, I took Roland up on the offer to escort me there, hang out for a while. He had an ease to him that made me feel like I could be myself, and I fucking liked it.

I just hadn’t expected that the real me was someone even I had never met.

Being human in a magic world sucks balls. But the possibility of me being one of the supernaturals…

Now that shit terrifies me to my core.

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Violca’s Dragon
Leilani Love


Violca Grey has taken care of her younger sisters ever since the death of their parents, but now her family is under attack — and the enemy isn’t human… Meanwhile, dragon shifter Chase Reed knows he must bring the Greys to his king, despite his mounting feelings for Violca.

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Scottish Werebear
Lorelei Moone 

Under pressure from a looming deadline, Clarice flees to a remote cottage in the Scottish Highlands for a working holiday. All plans to avoid distractions and finish her book fly out the window when she spies Derek, a farmer who is every bit as handsome as the bare-chested models on the book covers she writes.
The last thing Derek wants or needs is unwanted attention from the cottage’s current occupant, regardless of how beautiful she is. No matter how far he goes out of his way to dodge her, their paths continue to cross. And when Clarice names Derek as her muse? He’s faced with a life changing choice—break the rules of his people and tell her his big furry secret or walk away forever.

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