Midlife Dragon’s Mate by Brittany White and 5/13 Reading List
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Midlife Dragon’s Mate by Brittany White and 5/13 Reading List

Midlife Dragon’s Mate
Brittany White
A dragon shifter is forced to reveal his secret identity in order to save a human woman’s life.

The Human Mate
On the evening of our twentieth wedding anniversary, my husband left me.
With no explanation, he walked out the door.
The next day, my only child moved away to start college
At thirty-eight years old, I had nothing left.
I’d lived my life for my son, and my husband.
So I had to start over.
After weeks of therapy, I determined I was better off alone.
I vowed to never date again
To escape my dull life, I took off on an adventure.
I taught myself to hike, camp, and take photos of nature.
Then I had a run in with a grizzly bear.
My life flashed before my eyes as I screamed — I wasn’t ready to die.
But a hunky man saved me.
And he’s so much more than a man.
He’s an amazing dragon shifter who’s lived a very interesting life.
He is the leader of a fierce motorcycle club, and he shares his world with me.
I don’t want to commit — not to anyone.
But how can I possibly resist this sexy shifter?

Can a dragon shifter who’s committed to a bachelor’s life finally admit that he’s found his one true mate — even if she’s a human?

Kissed by Fire
Kimber White
A dragon shifter on the verge of death. A woman being hunted by wolves. The oath he swears to protect her may be his last.
Xander Brandhart is running out of time. He and his brothers are the only dragon shifters left alive, but if the billionaire Xander doesn’t find a mate soon, his last shift will be permanent. As he looks for a magic stone to prolong his three-hundred-year life, he can feel himself starting to lose control. When he meets a feisty, beautiful redhead, it’s love at first sight, but his heart sinks as he realizes no human has ever survived mating with a dragon…
Shae MacKenna lived alone on the streets of Chicago until the age of 13. It wasn’t until an eccentric old mage took her in that she could trust another living soul. But shortly after her 21st birthday when a pack of feral wolf shifters kills her guardian, she’d almost rather be the next victim than go it alone all over again. Thankfully, an actual living dragon bursts in to save her life. When Xander swears an oath to protect her, she reluctantly joins the billionaire in his penthouse suite.
As the pack of wolf shifters continues to stalk her, Shae feels herself falling for her protector. To fulfill his bond and his growing attraction toward her, Xander may need to sacrifice his life to save the woman he loves.
Crimson Born
Amy Patrick 
Humans have always suspected vampires exist. Now they know for sure…

As long as I can remember, I’ve longed for a different life—one filled with adventure, excitement, and romance.
This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind…

One minute I was riding in a horse-drawn buggy on my way home to my quiet Amish village— the next was torn by the screech of car tires, and twisted metal, and the white hot lance of pain. There was no doubt in my mind my life was over.

So when I woke up to the face of a beautiful stranger who promised me the suffering would end soon, I thought I’d seen an angel.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

CRIMSON BORN is a romantic and gripping full length YA vampire romance that will transport fans of paranormal romance and young adult urban fantasy to a fascinating supernatural world within our own, filled with suspense, danger, sizzling tension, and desire.

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