Claimed by Jessica Grayson and 5/21 Reading List

Jessica Grayson
When I went into cryosleep on the way from Mars to Earth, I never expected to wake up in a cage.

When our captor’s ship crashes on an ice world, I’m rescued by a fierce Mosauran Dragon warrior.

He and his people are stranded here too, along with several other races—all of them enemies and each of them dangerous.

Markus is the Commander of his people, and his species is one of the most feared in the galaxy.

He claims that I’m his fated one—his Ashaya.

He’s fiercely protective and possessive of me, and I cannot deny that I’m drawn to him in ways I don’t understand.

The more time we spend together, I begin to wonder: what would it be like to be fated to a dragon?

Midnight Wish
Keira Blackwood
In the wake of a tragedy, I find my fate.

One glimpse of her, and I know without question.

She has a gaze as blue as the sky and determination beyond reason. Her family’s ranch teeters on the brink of failure, yet she fights to save what she holds dear, even if she has to do it alone.

Fate is fearless and caring. And she sees me–not just the man, not just the wolf. She sees what lies beneath, and she doesn’t run.

She’s meant to be mine.

Fate is Harper, the girl next door.

Rebecca Main

I’d moved back to the little town of Branson Falls to escape my destiny. Instead, it’s where I was forced to confront it. Beneath the light of a full moon, I crossed paths with a real-life lycan—the intoxicatingly dangerous Xander, alpha of the Adolphus pack. In doing so, I also came to learn that everything I thought I’d known about the world was wrong… including my own place within it.

A thriving underworld of wolves, witches, and much worse lurk hidden in plain sight here in Branson Falls—invisible to all those people as regular as I used to think I was. But just as Xander opened my eyes to the truth about this place, he also revealed my part in it; that I was born from a lineage of witches and bared a soulmark identical to his own.

I’d barely come to understand how our fates were intertwined before I became bound to them. The same night we met, Xander recklessly sealed our soulmarks together giving us precious weeks to complete the full binding ceremony before we’re both lost to madness and self-destruction.

As much as I find myself drawn to him, I didn’t ask to be Xander’s soulmate, and I certainly didn’t ask to break centuries of tradition by trying to forge a union between Lycan and Witches together. There’s a lot he’ll have to prove to me before I’m willing to sacrifice my old life for this new one—even if we both risk oblivion if I don’t.

And if I do confront my own doubts and fears, there’s one more danger we’ll face if I choose to be with Xander: The wrath of his pack’s deadliest enemies—the murderous Wselfwulf pack, led by their ruthless Alpha, Rollins.

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